Friday Night Blog!

Been a little too busy to blog so i have crammed a few highlights into this one…

I have already talked about ‘WHAT WOMEN WANT’ but i thought i would show you a little more of the girls in action…

As mentioned earlier, myself & Roberts Steel Hairdressing are starting ‘Make-over Shoots’ very soon, details to follow 🙂

I was only booked for Deanna & Johns Wedding 2 days before their big day so unfortunately i never really got a chance to get to know them before filming. Although i was only present for the ceremony and an hour either side, it looked like they had a lovely day. The sun was beaming at Holland Hall, and Deanna managed to get a few ‘well timed giggles’ from her guests during the ceremony 🙂

Lastly, I spent one morning this week going round the schools of Leyland with South Ribble Borough Council filming the kids performing a dance routine for an Olympics themed video.
“is this going on tele?” was all i heard from the curious but definitely talented mini people that morning 🙂
I only visited 4 schools, but these guys pictured below spent all week on very long stilts at 31 schools! GOD BLESS THEM!!!

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