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Just thought i’d share a few things that have been happening recently…

I spent a day with Karen (or Triple-O as i like to call her) from South Ribble and we visited various small businesses in the Leyland area to create a short episode for their revamped website. I will show you the finished article at a later date but for now i will let you have a quick look at some un-used footage which i posted last week on my facebook page…

Now, i know people are not going to be queuing to grab my autograph yet but the Leyland Guardian did a small piece on ‘Little Ol Me’ last week.
Kay Taylor actually managed to make it sound like i knew what i was doing in the article, which is no mean feat!
Leyland Festival will be upon us next month but the buzz has already started on their Facebook page and i have already started on the short film which will show highlights leading up to and including all the fun on the day, here is a rough cut of the first 25-30 seconds so far…

The Wedding season has already kicked off and i will be blogging ‘Lisa & Dan’s Wonderful Yellow Wedding’ in the next few weeks, Stay tuned!

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