Lisa & Dan (teaser trailer)

Blackburn Wedding Videography

I walked away from this one and said to myself “Now That Was a Bloody Good Wedding”

As i arrived at Mytton Fold, Tim Emmerton Photography (tick), Robin from Dance Floor Couture (tick) and Creative Cover Hire (tick) were all prepping for Lisa & Dans Wonderful Yellow Wedding. Now I’m not going to say the Bride & Groom looked amazing,  the guests were all ‘UP FOR IT’ or the day could not have run any better, because that would be stating the obvious buuuuuuut some of my highlights were (in no particular order) A very surprising and entertaining blessing which took place straight after the ceremony, Tipitina (especially their stunning rendition of ‘Don’t you worry child), The Preston-Blackpool banter and Lisa’s sparkly dance floor surprise (never seen a happier bunny).

Lisa & Dan: Wedding Film Teaser from RT Productions on Vimeo.

A Big thank you to Vicky Franks who suggested me to the Bride & Groom, it was a pleasure to shoot such a nice day 🙂


    1. Why thank you kind sir 🙂 Yes we should do it again sometime, i do like working with a great photographer, had my share of ‘so so’ ones this year… Keep up the good work!

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