Surf-Air by Waves Ltd. Promotional web video in Lancashire.

Sometimes you get a call to film ‘X’, they describe ‘X’ but you still can’t picture it until it is in front of you.

Below is ‘X’, or to give its official name, ‘Surf Air’.

Waves Ltd

Douglas at Murphys Waves Ltd asked me to create a promo for a prototype to show on their website and at a trade show in America.

SIT had the job of building the inflatable and we ended up filming in their back yard, as you can see from the picture above we had to get some tight camera angles to cut out as much of the working environment as possible which did put a few restrictions on quality but overall i think we managed!

Chris from SIT actually told me that people could not believe we shot it there!

Once the guys got on the machine, that’s where the fun started, I really wish I wasn’t filming on this occasion, it looked a blast!

If you are interested, here are some of the out-takes which I posted on our facebook page.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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