Lisa & Nicholas: Wedding videography at The Alma Inn, Lancashire.

There is a much longer story to Lisa & Nicks wedding and I won’t go into great detail about but let’s just say ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

Daisy, who you can see at the end of the trailer, was one of my challenges on the day. During the bridal preparations she was quite shy in front of the camera but by the time we came to the interview section, she was helping me explain to the guests what they had to do and was very willing to perform numerous takes of the clip we used, I will have to upload the other takes at some point (again, practice makes perfect)

I’m getting to know the ‘Barrowford Crew’ quite well now and this is the second time I have filmed Ash as a best man (you can find the first here). The ceremony and reception all took place at The Alma Inn, it was my first time shooting there and I have to say, I liked it alot!

I’m sure that Mr Alderson will not mind me mentioning the tears, but as he said in his speech “there was something in my eye and I definitely was not crying”

An emotional, funny and brilliant wedding is what I witnessed that day and I will finish by stealing 3 words from the Groom…

“We Made It”

P.S, congratulations to Lisa on her new job, i hope this trailer adds to your week 🙂

Thanks for reading, RTP x

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