Emily & Kevin: Wedding Videography at The Gibbon Bridge in Lancashire.

Whilst filming these bridal/groom preparations, I discovered the difference between Venus & Mars,

Venus is full of music, beauty products and lots of champagne, Mars has Stella & Top Gear on Dave…

As you can see in the trailer above, Sam wanted to make sure he shared a bit of the limelight with Mum & Dad 🙂

My favorite moments about Emily & Kevin’s wedding…

Emily making an early appearance in her rollers & dressing gown to practice walking down the aisle with her bridesmaids (which I just have to include in the film)

Sam’s perfectly timed entrance into the ceremony

The Cake (this clip does not do it justice)

The Father of the Bride introducing every table in his speech

It was my first time shooting at Gibbon Bridge, both rooms looked fantastic and the staff were so helpful on the day, I’m back here next year, looking forward to it.

A beautiful Bride, handsome Groom, gorgeous venue, what more could you ask for…a lovely Autumn wedding for everyone involved

Thanks for reading, RTP x

3 Comments on “Emily & Kevin: Wedding Videography at The Gibbon Bridge in Lancashire.

    • Hi Nick, thanks 🙂 and yes it is a lovely venue, just a pity we were stuck inside for this one and did not get a chance for some external shots. Still a great wedding though!

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