Emma & Ian: Wedding videography at Ribby Hall Village in Lancashire

There is a lot that can be said about Great Friends, this day said it all…

Now then, i am not going to detail Emma & Ian’s story, simply because i only first met them on their wedding day,so i will tell it from my point of view…

I received a message from Jennifer (Hollywood) Smith at Personal touch bridal who told me that she had just started planning her friend’s wedding and had 3 weeks to do it (this is the first and last OMG you will ever see from me),the date and location were set and that’s all i knew.

So, on one VERY SUNNY day in November, i turned up at Ribby Hall (belting venue BTW) looking for a groom, luckily i spied Mr Dan Franks, who’s wedding i had filmed earlier this year and he managed to point me in the right direction.

Once Emma turned up (loved the converse) she did not stop smiling all way through the ceremony, photo call, and the speeches…the confetti shot turned into a war zone thanks to SMITH-FRANKS-WALSH!

Jenny and the bridesmaids put those ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ fellas to shame with what they managed in 3 weeks, from her first contact i would never imagined they would be able to pull all that off…Ribby Hall, Add a Little Sparkle, Victoria Franks Photography (thanks for the photos) & Gary Cowan Photography (sorry if i missed anyone, i was only there for a short time) all gave their time to make this such a special day for Mr & Mrs Grandison.


BTW, i will post the other ‘Coming Soon’ takes this week, they just could not help laughing for some reason! 🙂

Thanks for reading, RTP x

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