2013 PEN National Awards: Event Videography in Birmingham.

The 2013 PENNA Awards, held at the Birmingham & Midland Institute

I was there to capture the full day including the keynote speeches, award winners, presentations (full presentations available from Ruth Evans at PEN) and due to a problem with their photographer, i stepped in to provide photos of the award winners as well!

PENNA Award Winners

A very busy and surprisingly entertaining day for me with 2-3 cameras rolling, multiple microphones to capture the speeches and it was great to hear the presentations in their entirety when i got to the editing stage (listening to them live is pretty hard when you are spending most of the time watching the visual & audio settings)

Typical set up for filming

Ruth & her team should be proud of this year’s event and they definitely deserved that glass of champagne at the end 🙂

Thanks to Becki Cross at Events Northern for recommending me to Ruth!

Thanks for reading, RTP x

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