Mr & Mrs Vincent: A Surprise Wedding, The Villa at North End

“We are getting married in 3 days, there will be 1 secret ceremony during the day and 1 surprise ceremony at night”, that was the call i received from Kate (the Bride)…

To give you a clearer picture, Kate & Allans guests were under the impression that they had been invited to the 7th birthday of their company, Marmalade Toast, which was true but Kate & Allan had a little surprise up their sleeves…

Wedding Vidography RT Productions
Wedding Videography RT Productions

4 hours earlier they tied the knot (all hush hush) and once all the guests arrived (for the birthday party) at The Villa at North End, Allan asked all his guests to crowd round and then managed to create an aisle for Kates entrance, as soon as the guests realized there was a wedding taking place right then and there, THE ROOF BLEW OFF!!!

I had a blast shooting this wedding and it was great to finally meet Kate & Allan and i have to admit i was flattered that fellow filmmakers asked me to shoot their big day.

Wedding Videography Rt Productions
Wedding Videography Rt Productions

Nice working with Michael Sewell who was basically a mobile photo studio on the day 🙂

Thanks for reading, RTP x


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