Video & Photography in Lancashire.

Just thought i would share a few little updates 🙂

Boris Johnson visits Shackerleys in Chorley

Paul at Freezeframe Productions hired me to photograph Boris Johnsons visit to the Shackerley offices in Chorley recently…

The Mayor of London’s visit was a bit of a whirlwind for everyone involved, we had radio, newspaper, video cameras but the one thing i will remember is Boris leaving in an old, green ford focus with his arm out of the window driving out of Chorley, BRILLIANT!

Boris Johnson


Leyland 10 Second Plug Project

I have just finished filming a 10 second plug project to promote businesses in Leyland, this was a very quick shoot where I asked the people involved to sell themselves for approx 10 seconds in one shot…no fancy lighting and effects, I pointed the camera and they talked…

We are releasing 6 episodes in this series and depending on its success, i might go for a second round 🙂

Leyland Festival

Leyland Festival takes place next month and last year i was hired to film the event which you can find here.

Unfortunately due to prior commitments i will not be filming this years but there is a possibility of me doing some sort of edit with footage taken on the day but i am helping out with some of the promotion for their website and facebook/twitter pages.

Leyland Festival


Thanks for reading, RTP  🙂

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