Emma & Sean: Wedding Videography in Warrington

It rained, they got married, it rained, they partied and then the sun came out and Sean & Emma  ran and danced round the field…

Yes it was ‘Big Fat Rain’ most of the day but this did not spoil one minute of this wonderful wedding!

wedding videography by RT Productions
wedding videography by RT Productions

This was my first time shooting with Emma Dickinson, a great photography who i had the pleasure of working with on this special day.

The detail involved under this marquee was just amazing and seeing both Dads with a mop & bucket added a surreal but funny moment to the wedding breakfast.

I loved this wedding for all its quirky charms and it was lovely getting to know Mr & Mrs Duffy, CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

thanks for reading RTP x


  1. Can’t wait to see the full length version… I’m very impressed with the professionalism of not just this but all the videos on here… Great work- all the time spent on the editing is definitely worth it.

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