Lizzie & Steve: A Farmers Wedding at Stanley House, Lancashire.

Far too much from this amazing wedding to fit into 3 minutes…

YouTube Version

Lizzie & Steve’s (Cecil) ceremony took place a short walk from their home (or run as you will see in the video) and was full of wonderful touches and a surprise vehicle that we were all guessing at, a tractor?, a helicopter? but it turned out to be an amusingly decorated Gator which i just had to stick a camera in for their journey.

Wedding video, lancashire


The reception took place at Stanley House which has never looked better thanks to Lilybets Flowers and it was great working again with Zoie Carter Ingham Photography and Daniel Sings who you can see at the very end of the clip.

Wedding Video, Lancashire

A beautiful & fun wedding for a really lovely┬ácouple, congratulations Mr & Mrs Walker ­čÖé


  1. If this is a taster, then we cannot wait to see the complete thing! You have truly captured the essence of the day Roland, your creative skills are excellent – we are so pleased that Lizzie and Steven chose you for the job! Thank you for making this very special day a wonderful memory that we can remember for a long time to come!
    Kind regards,
    Stephen and Susan Coar
    Lizzie’s mum and dad

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