August 2015 (a bit of this and a bit of that)

As my bloodshot eyes are busy editing weddings during the silly summer season, i thought i would take a quick break for a few updates on what has been happening in  the world of RTP 🙂

In July, i turned the grand old age of 40 (i have been told it is the new 30) and here are a few images from the photobooth i set up at my Birthday Bash.



Last month i updated my kit-bag with a brand spanking new camera, after much research and countless hours debating what camera would be best for my needs i decided on the Canon C100 MKii and after taking it out on its first shoot (video below) i can honestly say that i made the right choice 🙂


Here is the my latest VideoBlog which i send out to future Brides who have booked me for their weddings.

Previous episodes are available here


After working with Robin at Dancefloor Couture recently, he asked if i could put together a quick promo using footage i have filmed at their weddings and here it is…


Once again i have been working with the guys at Forbo & Wrennalls to produce a series of videos explaining the approved cleaning methods for their floorings (here is one example below)

Here are a few behind the scenes images from our last shoot


I have also been working with Quantum recently after being recommended by Forbo and together we are currently creating a series of  instructional videos for their website, here is an example….

Password if needed is QRTP

As of writing this blog i have 5 weddings which have been filmed and ready for editing and a lot more to film before the end of the year. I have just filmed the first half of a Grand Design style project, various Headshot projects, Event & Promotional videos which i will hopefully share at a later date 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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