July Blog!

Lancashire Promotional Video

This one was a lot of fun to film…

Me & Karen from South Ribble spent a morning around Leyland filming some of the local business owners talking about their town. For a totally unscripted shoot, they pulled out some really good performances, although as you can see here, it was not 100% perfect. We had a rough preview a couple of weeks later, which was basically me holding an iPad in front of 20ish people which slightly made me nervous but it gained some great reactions from all involved, i’ll settle for that!
Thanks to Peppermint Cottage, Haines Watts, Poppys Flowers, Paces & Laces, Leyland Market, Solicitors Direct.

Lancashire Event Video

A long and verrrry busy day for me on this one… 

Leyland Festival 2013 really raised the bar after a few hiccups over previous years, the sun showed its face just at the right time as thousands of people swarmed to Worden Park for a fun, family day out.
I won’t write too much about the day as you have probably just watched the film above but after reading lots of comments on their facebook page, it would appear that this years festival has kickstarted a bit of love for annual event.
Thanks to APC Overnight, Leyland Albion, Dance Talent Studio and Lucy Yates(the festival Queen herself) for their help with the film.

Lancashire Product Photography

Isobel from Paces & Laces asked me to come down and photograph some of her shoes to upload onto their new website…


as you can probably see, there was quite a few that needed doing so we managed to get a quick production line going…SHOE-CLICK-NEXT, no time for any fancy set ups on this one!


Finally, a bit of a personal post here…my wife fosters cats for Blackpool Cats in Care and we received our first pregnant cat a few months ago so i decided to capture a few of the highlights of our time with her (and them).
The footage was shot on whatever device was in reach at the time,Camcorder, DSLR, Go-Pro and even and iPhone

Did you manage not to cry?
We didn’t!

Thanks for reading, RTP 🙂

June Blog

Lancashire Event Videography

South Ribble Partnerships held their first ‘Big Do’ networking event last month. I had a nice little booth set up were I was to record business owners selling themselves which would be projected onto the big screen during the evening but due to the fact we had a few (very talented) music artists on that day, we were quickly drowned out, so we made a decision to do a bit of event filming and use it as a promotional tool for all involved.

Whenever I record people directly in front of the camera it always amazes me how they go from a ‘bag of nerves’ to ‘Anchorman’ as soon as the record button is pressed.
Guest speakers for the event were Fettle Pr & DigiEnable.
A bit of a surprise for myself was to be nominated for an award which was eventually won by someone much more worthy to be honest.

securedownload copy

Leyland Promotional Photography

APC Overnight who have been a big part of this year’s Leyland Festival asked me to pop down to take a few photos for local publications, I would hesitate to call this work as it turned into a laugh riot for everyone behind the camera at the expense of the poor (Willing) guys they dressed up that day.

Here is one of the photos which appeared in the Leyland Guardian.

securedownload1 copy

Photo Booth

Finally, I attended Balshaws High School Spring Fayre and set up a little photo booth were the kids could dress up and have their photos taken…

This weekend it is Leyland Festival and I’ll be around town all day recording all the fun which I will share in the usual places when completed. If you see me about then please come and say hello and get yourself in the film…

BTW i can’t go without mentioning that my wifes company Purple Pig Catering will be on the festival serving these gems 🙂


May Blog!

Just thought i’d share a few things that have been happening recently…

I spent a day with Karen (or Triple-O as i like to call her) from South Ribble and we visited various small businesses in the Leyland area to create a short episode for their revamped website. I will show you the finished article at a later date but for now i will let you have a quick look at some un-used footage which i posted last week on my facebook page…

Now, i know people are not going to be queuing to grab my autograph yet but the Leyland Guardian did a small piece on ‘Little Ol Me’ last week.
Kay Taylor actually managed to make it sound like i knew what i was doing in the article, which is no mean feat!
Leyland Festival will be upon us next month but the buzz has already started on their Facebook page and i have already started on the short film which will show highlights leading up to and including all the fun on the day, here is a rough cut of the first 25-30 seconds so far…

The Wedding season has already kicked off and i will be blogging ‘Lisa & Dan’s Wonderful Yellow Wedding’ in the next few weeks, Stay tuned!

ld wed

Just a little update…

January to March is usually the catch up season for me which means a lot more hours at the desk editing, chasing up, advertising for next year etc….

But i thought i send out a quick post with recent developments….

obviously it has been Mothers Day (in the U.K) so we managed to create a few great gift ideas for those wanting to treat their Mums 🙂

551367_627066963985680_1767071093_n 578336_635637099795333_796534320_n
South Ribble Borough Council have commissioned me for a few filming projects this year including Leyland Festival, Leyland Live and some which i cannot mention at the moment (cloak & dagger) but i will be blogging the final films on here in due course, so please stay tuned.

Central Lancashire Business Event 2012

Never actually attended a networking event before and technically, i still haven’t…

The Central Lancashire Business Event this year was held at the Leyland Civic Centre & the event was packed with businesses from the South Ribble, Chorley & Preston areas.

Central Lancashire Business Event 2012 from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Guest speakers included:

Mike Ode, Potential Unearthed  (Chair)

Heather Wright, Advance Performance Ltd (Networking)

Amanda Jackson, Tigerfish PR (Social Media)

The beauty about filming people speaking is that you get a chance to hear them again in the editing process, so plenty of ideas and tips were picked up whilst putting this together.

A really friendly and helpful vibe was going on through the whole event and i will probably have a look at these sort of things in the future 🙂

Leyland Festival 2012

Leyland Festival was originally due to happen in July, but thanks Mother Nature chucking a hissy fit that week, it had to be cancelled 🙁

Leyland Festival 2012 from RT Productions on Vimeo.

The people of Leyland packed the town centre for the vehicle parade and then descended onto Worden Park for a fun, family day out. It was a little wet under the wellies but i am not going to complain about that in late September. A sterling effort from all that helped organise the event 🙂