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We have been working with a lot of our favorite Wedding Chums recently and though we would share some of the stories for you and hopefully give you a few ideas 🙂

Wedding Entertainment

Our Wedding Buddy Paul Guard hired us to produce a video to  show Brides and Grooms what he can offer for their wedding so went spent a full day at The Villa with him and his band capturing all the excitement.

Those ‘Good Ol Boys’ from The Rush asked us to film one of their live sets at The Mere Golf Resort to use on their web and social media sites so future Brides can see them in action before booking them for their reception.

We work with Dancefloor Couture A LOT! Most weddings we shoot will have one of their DJ’s/Host’s entertaining the guests so it was nice to be asked to film their second Wedding Entertainment Showcase which was held at Bar 1842 in Preston. A great day for future Brides & Grooms which gave them an opportunity to listen to musicians before booking them for the Big Day. You can find a few snaps from James Jebson who was photographing the event here

and speaking of DFC…

Robin & Adam joined us for our first Blog of 2017, we had a lot of fun filming our first WedCarKaraoke 🙂

Wedding Venues

Last month were invited to Holmes Mill in Clitheroe, this is one of James Places new wedding venues and certainly won us over with its rustic charm

Once again we attended Bartle Hall’s Wedding Showcase, this was a 5 day event which was open to newly engaged couples looking for a perfect setting for their BIG DAY.

Heaton House Farm invited us down to their Wedding Experience Evening before Christmas, this was open to couples who had booked their wedding at HHF and were looking for great suppliers. We have now been added to their recommended list which you can find here

We will be back for Mitton Hall’s open day on the 26th of February.

Thanks for reading, Ro & Lisa x


January Blog

Hello all and a Happy New Year 🙂

Here are a few stories from what i have been up to over the last few months.

Grand Designs

The Paul Ennis Group and their client hired me to produce a video which demonstrated what the company provided with a ‘Before & After’ video from a recent project so back in July i visited their office for a spot of filming before having a look at their clients home. In December i returned to the finished project to record a few shots which display what the company achieved.

Paul Ennis from RT Productions on Vimeo.

War Memorial Opening

In November, South Ribble Borough Council opened a new war memorial to commemorate the people who lost their lives in World war 1. They staged a small event which started off with a touching services led by the Mayor and local church leaders and then it was off for High Tea with a great mixture of folk from all ages.

South Ribble Borough Council: New War Memorial from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Promotional Video

My wedding chums from Dancefloor Couture asked me to produce a series of videos for their web/social media pages which show potential clients what they provide. Here is an example of one we used in a promotion in November.

DanceFloor Couture from RT Productions on Vimeo.

The talented guys at Rejuvamed Clinic wanted a promotional video for their new website so we spent an afternoon with the staff and a few willing clients and here is what we produced.

RejuvaMed Promo Video from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Event Videography

This is my second year shooting the School Led conference with the team at Events Northern and this time i brought along my assistant camera man Paul from Freezeframe Productions.

A full day of shooting many speakers and the awesome singers from schools around the North West along with Andy Whitehead Photography

Creating Possibilities in the School Led System 2015 from RT Productions on Vimeo.

And finally we have a smaller event again with the team at Events Northern, i think this is my 4th time filming the Central Lancashire Business Event which invites small businesses together for an evening of networking.

Central Lancashire Business Event 2015 from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading 🙂

October 2015: Blogging Blogger!

Event Video Production

The talented people at Curious Minds hired me to cover their event at Lancaster University.

Curious Minds: Shaping the Future of Cultural Education in the North West from RT Productions on Vimeo.

A big thanks to Becki from Events Northern event management for (once again) recommending me for video duties 🙂

Promotional Web Video for Business

Whitehead & Howarth from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Whitehead & Howarth Accountants hired me to produce a short promotional video for their website and social media pages, it was a very short shoot at their offices in St Annes and we also had the chance to use some old cine film from when the original owners worked in the same office. If you are wanting ti know a little more about offers for Small Business Packages then please click here.

Headshot Photography

Ruth Moran Consulting Agency asked me to produce a set of team head shots for their website and social media pages, the only request “Can we make them all Black & White”, not a problem…..

Headshot Photography
Headshot Photography

The only slight problem was the amount of room we had to shoot in, the pictures were taken in a cloakroom which wasn’t ideal but this is quite common when shooting at a client’s office.

Family Portraits

Here are a couple of examples from recent family portrait sessions.


Personal Projects

Video & Photography is how i make a living but like everybody else i do love to just snap away whist out on family trips and here are a few of my recent favorites.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roland (RTP Films)

August 2015 (a bit of this and a bit of that)

As my bloodshot eyes are busy editing weddings during the silly summer season, i thought i would take a quick break for a few updates on what has been happening in  the world of RTP 🙂

In July, i turned the grand old age of 40 (i have been told it is the new 30) and here are a few images from the photobooth i set up at my Birthday Bash.



Last month i updated my kit-bag with a brand spanking new camera, after much research and countless hours debating what camera would be best for my needs i decided on the Canon C100 MKii and after taking it out on its first shoot (video below) i can honestly say that i made the right choice 🙂


Here is the my latest VideoBlog which i send out to future Brides who have booked me for their weddings.

Previous episodes are available here


After working with Robin at Dancefloor Couture recently, he asked if i could put together a quick promo using footage i have filmed at their weddings and here it is…


Once again i have been working with the guys at Forbo & Wrennalls to produce a series of videos explaining the approved cleaning methods for their floorings (here is one example below)

Here are a few behind the scenes images from our last shoot


I have also been working with Quantum recently after being recommended by Forbo and together we are currently creating a series of  instructional videos for their website, here is an example….

Password if needed is QRTP

As of writing this blog i have 5 weddings which have been filmed and ready for editing and a lot more to film before the end of the year. I have just filmed the first half of a Grand Design style project, various Headshot projects, Event & Promotional videos which i will hopefully share at a later date 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Surf-Air by Waves Ltd. Promotional web video in Lancashire.

Sometimes you get a call to film ‘X’, they describe ‘X’ but you still can’t picture it until it is in front of you.

Below is ‘X’, or to give its official name, ‘Surf Air’.

Waves Ltd

Douglas at Murphys Waves Ltd asked me to create a promo for a prototype to show on their website and at a trade show in America.

SIT had the job of building the inflatable and we ended up filming in their back yard, as you can see from the picture above we had to get some tight camera angles to cut out as much of the working environment as possible which did put a few restrictions on quality but overall i think we managed!

Chris from SIT actually told me that people could not believe we shot it there!

Once the guys got on the machine, that’s where the fun started, I really wish I wasn’t filming on this occasion, it looked a blast!

If you are interested, here are some of the out-takes which I posted on our facebook page.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Leyland Live 2013

The Creative Network returned to Leyland for 1 scorching weekend of live entertainment!

Nigel (never out of the papers) Stewart put together a great line up in the pubs, clubs, restaurants and on the streets of Leyland….

I had the very easy duty of documenting a few of the highlights over the 2 days, The Street Monkeys (hope they have good insurance) could be seen jumping off walls at Peek-a-Brew, Ryan & Tom really got the crowds going in The Railway & The Gables on Saturday Night, James Christy entertained the crowds outside Peppermint Cottage and that was just a very small percentage of what happened that weekend.

Chorley Live is coming in October and Nigel tells me there will be a lot more after that!

Thanks for reading 🙂 RTP