Friday Blog

After South Ribble’s unsuccessful bid for the Portas Pilot Scheme, they were determined to have another crack when it was announced there would be a second round.
So once again i was asked to help out in the filming department and once again everything was very last minute and i do mean last minute.I was sending over draughts to Helen (south ribble script writer) late Thursday night because it had to be online for Friday morning.
I would have loved a bit more time on this one to polish it up a little but we did have some fun filming it over 2 evenings.
Below you can see the wonderfully talented (she’ll go far) Jess Simpson, prepping for a bit of green screen work…

We filmed a few interviews with local business owners, one of them being Keith Bradshaw (below) who runs the Leyland Leader, this man is a natural and i am seriously considering using him in the future for voice over work…

Anyway, here is the link to the video which is on Visit Leylands youtube page. I will upload a HD version (with corrections asap)