As I was backing up files from recent shoots, I looked at a ‘before & after’ image and spontaneously whispered to myself “thank god for RAW’…
This particular shoot took place at a friend’s salon after a very long working day so I was running on fumes from there on! The room I was setting up in was boiling and I had to set up my strobes, build 2 soft boxes (which are like lampshades designed by Rubik’s), background frame, take a few light readings & set up the camera before Jodie came upstairs after her make-over.
Obviously running around like a headless chicken meant the chances of forgetting something was pretty high!

Original Image

Yes, I was so busy concentrating on sharpness when reviewing the images that I had already shot half the pictures with the wrong white balance setting. Now this isn’t really a big deal if your shooting in RAW because its easily corrected in post production…

Finished Image

but again I say the words,

Thank God For RAW 🙂