Red Heart Ball 2013

Donna & Amy put together a fantastic event to raise money for The British Heart Foundation

The Marriot Hotel in Preston certainly had their work cut out for them with 170 guests packing the room…

Over £7000 was raised on the night through tickets, donations, raffles & auction.

It got a little mad for us near the end of the night with people wanting to jump in front of the camera but all in all an enjoyable night for everyone involved!

BTW,  images will be sent out this week to those who donated and left their details with us on the night.

Family Shoot

“I think we should do this sort of pose now”!…..


William (boy in shot) certainly didn’t mind directing me when i visited his family for an indoor and outdoor shoot, one cold December morning.

Molly on the other hand decided to be the bad cop in this relationship but with the help of some music, simulated fart noises and her brother making her laugh behind the lens, we managed to get some pretty decent shots of her.


After the studio shots we all took a trip down to Cuerden Valley Park for a few fun group shots…


A few days before this shoot i decided to have a quick play around and as usual, Yves was dragged into the middle but that is because she is so damn photogenic!!!


Last weekend i shot my penultimate wedding video for 2012 which i will be sharing here next week (hopefully), but you can catch a short clip of the rehearsal here on my facebook page.

Bye for now 🙂


As I was backing up files from recent shoots, I looked at a ‘before & after’ image and spontaneously whispered to myself “thank god for RAW’…
This particular shoot took place at a friend’s salon after a very long working day so I was running on fumes from there on! The room I was setting up in was boiling and I had to set up my strobes, build 2 soft boxes (which are like lampshades designed by Rubik’s), background frame, take a few light readings & set up the camera before Jodie came upstairs after her make-over.
Obviously running around like a headless chicken meant the chances of forgetting something was pretty high!

Original Image

Yes, I was so busy concentrating on sharpness when reviewing the images that I had already shot half the pictures with the wrong white balance setting. Now this isn’t really a big deal if your shooting in RAW because its easily corrected in post production…

Finished Image

but again I say the words,

Thank God For RAW 🙂

Vintage Weekend (Preston Guild)

This was taking ‘Back to the old school’ to a totally different level!


The Vintage Guild Weekend far exceeded any expectations i had, and the vintage salon proved to be one of the more popular attractions over the 2 days.


The people of Preston absolutely swamped the salon which was built by Wayne (The Hemm) Hemmingways team and the guys & gals from Roberts Steel, Mr@Fulwood and The Beauty Room (apologies if i missed you off the list) worked their magic on the conveyor belt of eager clients that visited them during the day.

People of all ages were given make-overs from many different era’s and there was plenty of paparazzi  on hand to make them feel like celebrities for the short time they spent in the chairs 🙂

Preston Guild (pre-shoot)

Me & Yves ventured up to Roberts Steel again to have a bit of fun with the camera for a Pre- Vintage Guild Weekend shoot.

“just get some goofy shots” Natalie asked….

The kids dressed up in costumes from different era’s…

straight after all that madness i managed to get a few shots of the guys for Mr@ Fulwoods new website which is under construction…

We will be at the vintage weekend which takes place on the 1st&2nd of September to capture some of the glamour from our Guild Team 🙂

Emily (makeover shoot)

Look out for this one, I’m thinking this is not the last we will be seeing her!!!

It was great meeting Emily & Amanda (mum) this week for a makeover photo shoot at Roberts Steel Hairdressing.

Whilst Norris (Nat) worked on Emily I set up in the salon upstairs (Mr@Fulwwod) which belongs to her Husband Bob (Lee)…

they are kind of like ‘Hart to Hart’ but with better scissors!!!

Anywayyyy, Emily is currently involved in the ‘Miss Preston’ model competition and you could tell she was really excited about it and so was Amanda. We are all wishing Emily the best of luck on this one 🙂

Myself & Roberts Steel are currently offering makeover shoots so if you are interested then please contact either me or Natalie 🙂


Once again I will be with the Roberts Steel gang for the Preston Vintage weekend…

An army of hair stylists and make-up artists will be transforming the people of Preston all weekend at Avenham Park and I will be there to capture all the glamour. Looking forward to this one 🙂