As I was backing up files from recent shoots, I looked at a ‘before & after’ image and spontaneously whispered to myself “thank god for RAW’… This particular shoot took place at a friend’s salon after a very long working day so I was running on fumes from there on! The room I was setting […]

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Emily (makeover shoot)

Look out for this one, I’m thinking this is not the last we will be seeing her!!! It was great meeting Emily & Amanda (mum) this week for a makeover photo shoot at Roberts Steel Hairdressing. Whilst Norris (Nat) worked on Emily I set up in the salon upstairs (Mr@Fulwwod) which belongs to her Husband […]

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All about Yves :)

My stepdaughter Yves is quite a remarkable 11 year old, she still has all the sensibilities of a girl her age but with a wicked sense of humour which is far beyond her years! She calls me gimp all the time, which i suppose i’ve got use to now! Her Mum has been asking me for […]

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