Natalie & Lee: Weddings at New House Farm, Cumbria


A beautiful wedding In The Lake District with Mr & Mrs Kent x

“We absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much, Can’t wait to show everyone!”

Natalie & Lee

Tell us about the engagement?
Engagement was last March in Dubai, Lee surprised me with the tickets for my 30th birthday and proposed while we were out there 4 days later on our 2 year anniversary.
What made you choose New House Farm for your wedding venue?
We just knew we wanted to get married in a barn with lots of fairy lights and candles and when we drove to the lakes to look at the venue after finding it on the internet we just fell in love with it. And the area was beautiful.
Why did you want a wedding video?
We wanted a wedding video so we could remember the day in a way that photos can’t quite provide, seeing some of the bits we missed or just didn’t manage to take in. I’m looking forward to watching the ceremony back and especially listening to the speeches again as I can’t remember them! (The things photos alone can’t do).
What were your favourite memories of the whole wedding experience?
Hard to pin point favourite memories as it was all so amazing, but things that stood out; I loved getting ready with the girls in the morning, walking down the aisle and partying with everyone we love in the same room.

Emily & Joe: Weddings at Bartle Hall


Why did you choose Bartle Hall for your BIG DAY?

We chose Bartle Hall because it’s a beautiful setting and my parents got married here and it was a brilliant day. They did not disappoint, was a fantastic day and the staff couldn’t be better.

What made you want to have your wedding filmed?

We chose to have a wedding video because we thought it was an important thing to be able to watch the day back, sometimes there are things that photographs just can’t catch.

What was your favourite memory from the whole day?

My favourite memory would be walking down the aisle with both my dads to and Joe’s favourite memory would be when we walked into the wedding breakfast as Mr and Mrs Miller.

What experience did you want for your guests?

We wanted our guests to have the best day and enjoy themselves, which I believe they all did, it was the best day of our lives. 🙂

Protected: SonBert: Wedding Films at Colshaw Hall


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Chrissie & Ben: Weddings at Heaton House Farm


“Absolute masterpiece mate! Loved it so much and can’t wait to share” – Ben Langstreth (Groomy)

Why did you choose Heaton House Farm as your wedding venue?

The moment we walked into Heaton House we fell in love. The set up, the aspect, the whole family feel gave it a pull over anything we had seen… and we saw a fair few. The views speak for themselves, incredible and the added bonus of having our nearest and dearest able to stay on site to debrief over a classic English breakfast the next morning. We knew from deal with the Heaton House Farm team they would be a well oiled machine… and they delivered.

Why did you pick us to create your wedding film?
From one short conversation at a Heaton House Farm event where you discussed your own proposal we loved your character and enthusiasm. We knew instantly you would bring this to the video and be able to bring our special day back to life in the best manner. The interviews of course were just a genius bonus!

Tell us about the proposal?
It was a standard Friday (as far as Chrissie was concerned) and as per usual Chrissie was late leaving work. I had planned the day all out, having the ring delivered by Amy and having our new sofas delivered as a surprise. I did not account for Chrissie being one and half hours late Coming  home. Having paced the floor for all this time and not eating anything, she eventually arrived home and kept me waiting even longer while she finished her phone call. She did however notice something odd. I was in my best shirt! And there were the logos Of my parents dancing school where she trained growing up and at the swimming club where we swam together.
She came to the door and the tears instantly began (both of us)
The boodles pink ribbon created a time line of our time together from the menu of our first date, to pictures all up the walls of days out, to the match day ticket of when I asked her dad. This took us to the bedroom where some of her favourite things were placed, then I stopped to one knee and could only get out the words “well will you”. She did say yes and I re enacted since.
The sofa was no longer an important part of the surprise but was a great place to chat about the build up.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A relaxed environment where they could enjoy the venue and each other’s company so we could see smiling faces.

Carl & Diane: Wedding Film Teaser


Why did you want to hold your wedding at Whitehaven?
The reason for having our wedding at Whitehaven was because we where both overwhelmed by how modern yet welcoming and spacious the room looked with the gorgeous lighting and lovely grounds with mountains in the backgrounds… we had also eaten there before for my granddads 80th and the customer service was fantastic, also from first meeting Karen she was like our wedding planner, myself and Carl where very indecisive about a few things and she passed on her experience of previous weddings and advised us accordingly which was very helpful and calming.

Tell us how Carl proposed?

I’ve actually had two proposals from Carl 😂… first time was 8 years ago and our first little girl was 6 months old in a little restaurant called the old town house, he got the staff to bring out the ring after our food in a little basket and it wasn’t till he got down on one knee that i realized why he kept going the toilet, bless him he was that nervous and emotional he didn’t even ask me to marry him he just said “I love you so much and you mean the world to me and I said yeah and he put the ring on, still don’t know what I said yes to that first time  xxx

Second proposal was due to us both having a small disagreement to which Carl got a bit agitated so left the house to get his cigarettes from his car 🙈… I thought he was doing a runner so I threw my ring and it got lost in the grass, poor sod, he was only getting his cigarettes. 3 months later my neighbor found it in his lawn mower, mowed it and broke it. On NYE we had a get together with friends where he proposed again bless him and gave me a new ring and this time he actually said “will you marry me and make me the happiest man ever” I obviously said yes and we celebrated the new year with family and friends bless him!

Why did you choose us to capture your BIG DAY?

We chose RTP to capture our day because we loved and were blown away by your work! I honestly had never seen anything like it before, the way it’s put together is so moving and magical capturing the perfect bits and also the funny bits haha, and after showing Carl a friends wedding preview (and looked on your pages) we where both hooked, your work speaks for itself, it truly shows how talented you both are and not only how important your job is but how much you appreciate a couples special day, as you both are fantastic people and we where so honored to have you both there on our special day.

What experience did you want for your guests?

The experience we wanted for our guests was to say ‘Best Wedding Ever’ and to have memories forever, we didn’t expect everyone to be so emotional. We wanted everyone to remember how BARMY we both are and have a great laugh. It was nice to see so many people moved by our day as me and Carl are usually a bit crackers and don’t take anything too seriously… really touched us both ❤

Danielle & Lee: Weddings at Stanley House


Danielle and Lee invited us to capture their lovely Autumn wedding at Stanley House and here is a snapshot of their BIG DAY.

Mr & Mrs Fawcett are BIG dog lovers and this was present all through the day. As you can see in the video, Dexter delivered the rings during the ceremony, paws all over the cake and a lovely tribute to Harley who recently passed away.
We were also joined by Tim Emmerton Photography (one of our faves)
Congratulations Dan & Lee x

Danielle & Lee sent us this shortly after watching their feature film

Lisa and Roland,

Thank you both. We have just had a movie night and relived such a special day! Dexter was excited to see himself in tv and you captured so much of the day I completely forgotten. We have laughed, cried and cringed, so beautiful.

Ps you and Tim Emmerton are a team!

Dan Lee and Dexter