Wedding Videography Training

We have been filming weddings for quite a few years now and started with 1 video camera and zero-knowledge. Hunting around for advice, tips, or pointers from any source we could find back in our early years never really got us anywhere, it was getting out there and making mistakes that gained us the most valuable and painful experience for our future career and now we’d like to offer over 10 years of knowledge to you.

Photo Credit: Foxley Photography

Make no mistake, wedding videography can be quite stressful but also hugely rewarding. The Bride & Groom have trusted you to tell the story of their Big Day and everything happens once and only once, with hardly any room for error. If you are just starting out as a videographer and have considered weddings as part of your work then we would be happy to talk to you about your next step.

Photo Credit: Phil Bamber

RTP Films are offering 1-2-1 Wedding Videography Training covering all aspects including gear, shooting, audio, editing, and much more. Spend the day with us at one of our weddings as part of your training, we will Second Shoot for you at one of yours and give advice during the whole day or invite you to the office for a full or half-day course on editing. If you are interested in knowing more then please drop us an email at or simply use our Contact Page