Preston Guild (pre-shoot)

Me & Yves ventured up to Roberts Steel again to have a bit of fun with the camera for a Pre- Vintage Guild Weekend shoot.

“just get some goofy shots” Natalie asked….

The kids dressed up in costumes from different era’s…

straight after all that madness i managed to get a few shots of the guys for Mr@ Fulwoods new website which is under construction…

We will be at the vintage weekend which takes place on the 1st&2nd of September to capture some of the glamour from our Guild Team 🙂

Loch Lomond (timelapse)

Well, we are back from our ‘Great British Getaway’ holiday in Loch Lomond

the first thing i have to do is apologise to Scotland for doubting its weather!!!
Blistering sunshine and stunning views awaited me and the girls as we woke every morning at Loch Lomond Holiday Park.

This is obviously part of our holiday video but seeing as its silly season with weddings and all, i have no time for personal projects at the moment 🙁 but i thought i would share some of the views with you anyway 🙂

Guest Blog (DJ Rick Porter)

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Emily (makeover shoot)

Look out for this one, I’m thinking this is not the last we will be seeing her!!!

It was great meeting Emily & Amanda (mum) this week for a makeover photo shoot at Roberts Steel Hairdressing.

Whilst Norris (Nat) worked on Emily I set up in the salon upstairs (Mr@Fulwwod) which belongs to her Husband Bob (Lee)…

they are kind of like ‘Hart to Hart’ but with better scissors!!!

Anywayyyy, Emily is currently involved in the ‘Miss Preston’ model competition and you could tell she was really excited about it and so was Amanda. We are all wishing Emily the best of luck on this one 🙂

Myself & Roberts Steel are currently offering makeover shoots so if you are interested then please contact either me or Natalie 🙂


Once again I will be with the Roberts Steel gang for the Preston Vintage weekend…

An army of hair stylists and make-up artists will be transforming the people of Preston all weekend at Avenham Park and I will be there to capture all the glamour. Looking forward to this one 🙂

Prom Shoot (Avenham Park)

I love this video….
Me, Natalie (Norris), Katie (Asda dress) & Lorna (terrified of butterflies) Roberts, all met up one early and very warm Sunday morning at Roberts Steel Hairdressing Salon in Fulwood for a day of glamour.
Our 4 models, Emily,Rachel,Kate & Katie looked fantastic in Avenham Park after their make-over and really got into the swing of things whilst Lorna directed them for her shots.
I really went for a fun, summer retro feel on this edit but at the end of the day, you need good subjects to make it work, and we did 🙂

Prom Shoot @ Avenham Park from RT Productions on Vimeo.

Our day was also featured in the Lancashire Evening Post recently, which was nice…

A selection of Lorna’s photo’s can be found on her blog

You can also find what the Roberts Steel crew have been upto on their Blog

Friday Blog

After South Ribble’s unsuccessful bid for the Portas Pilot Scheme, they were determined to have another crack when it was announced there would be a second round.
So once again i was asked to help out in the filming department and once again everything was very last minute and i do mean last minute.I was sending over draughts to Helen (south ribble script writer) late Thursday night because it had to be online for Friday morning.
I would have loved a bit more time on this one to polish it up a little but we did have some fun filming it over 2 evenings.
Below you can see the wonderfully talented (she’ll go far) Jess Simpson, prepping for a bit of green screen work…

We filmed a few interviews with local business owners, one of them being Keith Bradshaw (below) who runs the Leyland Leader, this man is a natural and i am seriously considering using him in the future for voice over work…

Anyway, here is the link to the video which is on Visit Leylands youtube page. I will upload a HD version (with corrections asap)