Friday Blog

After South Ribble’s unsuccessful bid for the Portas Pilot Scheme, they were determined to have another crack when it was announced there would be a second round.
So once again i was asked to help out in the filming department and once again everything was very last minute and i do mean last minute.I was sending over draughts to Helen (south ribble script writer) late Thursday night because it had to be online for Friday morning.
I would have loved a bit more time on this one to polish it up a little but we did have some fun filming it over 2 evenings.
Below you can see the wonderfully talented (she’ll go far) Jess Simpson, prepping for a bit of green screen work…

We filmed a few interviews with local business owners, one of them being Keith Bradshaw (below) who runs the Leyland Leader, this man is a natural and i am seriously considering using him in the future for voice over work…

Anyway, here is the link to the video which is on Visit Leylands youtube page. I will upload a HD version (with corrections asap)

Friday Night Blog!

Been a little too busy to blog so i have crammed a few highlights into this one…

I have already talked about ‘WHAT WOMEN WANT’ but i thought i would show you a little more of the girls in action…

As mentioned earlier, myself & Roberts Steel Hairdressing are starting ‘Make-over Shoots’ very soon, details to follow 🙂

I was only booked for Deanna & Johns Wedding 2 days before their big day so unfortunately i never really got a chance to get to know them before filming. Although i was only present for the ceremony and an hour either side, it looked like they had a lovely day. The sun was beaming at Holland Hall, and Deanna managed to get a few ‘well timed giggles’ from her guests during the ceremony 🙂

Lastly, I spent one morning this week going round the schools of Leyland with South Ribble Borough Council filming the kids performing a dance routine for an Olympics themed video.
“is this going on tele?” was all i heard from the curious but definitely talented mini people that morning 🙂
I only visited 4 schools, but these guys pictured below spent all week on very long stilts at 31 schools! GOD BLESS THEM!!!

What Women Want!

No No, i don’t have the answer…

this was the name of the event i attended last night with Roberts Steel Hairdressing (Natalie, Katie & Emily) & Jessica Corsbie MUA ( i only figured out what that stood for recently, i thought it was a Dr Evil laugh, MWAAAHHH)


The Guest Boutique in Leyland organised this event for The Rosemere Cancer Foundation and took place at The Leyland Hotel. The event was absolutely packed and there was plenty going on for all the ladies.

I was there with Natalie because we are promoting our make-over shoots which we will be starting very soon, although i gotta admit, there was no room for any of that on this occasion 🙁

Carla & Anthony (teaser Trailer)

When the Groom asks for a ‘man hug’ at the end of your shift, it makes it all worthwhile 😉

Carla & her crew made me feel very welcome when I turned up for the Bridal preparations that morning, the spirits were very high and everyone knew it was going to be a belting day 
As you will see from the above teaser, even family members from the other side of the world got some screen time courtesy of Skype, but I did receive a shock when walking into the lounge on my own later in the morning, WHO’S THAT??? Shouted a voice from nowhere, Carla’s dad had left the Ipad in the lounge still connected to New Zealand as they were eagerly awaiting the bride come down stairs in her dress.
The Church venue and ceremony had that perfect northern country setting, Anthony arrived full of nerves but had a amazing turn around during the toasts at Stanley House and delivered one of the most heartfelt speeches I have heard in a long time
Lovely couple, great settings, guests who knew how to enjoy themselves, Brilliant day all round 🙂

Vintage Fayre

I accompanied Natalie from Roberts Steel Hairdressing in Fulwood to a Vintage Fayre at The Continental Pub in Preston on Sunday to get a few BTS shots of the make-over service her & Jessica Corsbie provided on the day…

Here they are hard at work 🙂

Also had a chance to meet Lorna Roberts who i will be working with on a project coming up in June, great photographer, check her stuff out!
Although we did not have much time with our models, i still managed to drag them out (willingly of course) for a few shots just after Nat & Jessica had finished!

Camilla & Matthew

A beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous locations….

Yes this one had them all!

Camilla & Matthew’s wedding was one which was a pleasure to shoot. I also got the chance to work with some very talented people on the day.

I have always liked Lytham and this was the first time shooting a wedding here and it did not disappoint.

The sun showed itself just at the right times for Phil Garlington to get some gorgeous photo’s of the couple, ‘Flowers Design’ supplied the floral decorations AND WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB THEY DID!!! The church and reception looked like something out of a fairytale, would definitely recommend these guys. The Grand Hotel is a lovely hotel on the coast which provided a perfect reception. Had the chance to also meet John Norcott, singer & DJ who was great to work with and really helped me out at the end of the night.