Sara & Chris: Wedding Films at Bartle Hall, Lancashire

Lancashire Wedding Video

Lancashire Wedding Videography Our¬†last teaser for 2016 ūüôā Sara & Chris tied the knot in their home town of Oswaldtwistle before heading off to Bartle Hall for their wedding reception. Mr & Mrs Burton’s AWESOME WEDTEAM included Kerry Woods Photography, Sam Fitton Magician, The Deadbeats, Ewood Florist, Malvern Wedding Cars and Creative Cover Hire. A […]

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Jessica & Andrew: Wedding films at Bartle Hall, Lancashire.

Even though i have quite a few more teasers to release, this is my last before Christmas so let’s make it a good one ūüôā Youtube version Jess & Andy were so much fun to be with on their wedding, very relaxed & Jess did not stop smiling allll day! The moment i arrived at […]

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Mr & Mrs Real Cabo: Wedding Videography at Bartle Hall, Lancashire.

Whilst¬†filming¬†the¬†speeches,¬†i¬†briefly¬†looked¬†out¬†of¬†the¬†window¬†and¬†said¬†to¬†myself¬†‚Äúis¬†that¬†a ¬† ¬†formula ¬†1 car¬†they¬†are¬†unloading‚ÄĚ? I¬†have¬†never¬†seen¬†a¬†bride¬†walk¬†so¬†fast¬†up¬†the¬†aisle¬†with¬†her¬†dad¬†(Happy¬†Days)¬†on¬†her¬†wedding ¬†day!¬†I¬†had¬†a¬†lot¬†of¬†fun¬†working¬†with¬†Alex¬†from¬†Fairfield¬†Photography¬†(we¬†were¬†2¬†camera¬†nerds¬†babbling¬†about¬†lenses¬†all¬†day)¬†and¬†as¬†mentioned¬†above,¬†F1¬†Driver¬†Experience¬†provided¬†a¬†lot ¬†entertainment¬†with¬†their¬†TopGear¬†challenge’s. Bartle¬†Hall¬†is¬†still¬†one¬†of¬†my¬†favorite¬†venues¬†in¬†the¬†area¬†and¬†was¬†a¬†great¬†setting¬†for¬†Paul¬†& ¬† Vickys¬†big¬†day. A¬†brilliant¬†day¬†for¬†Mr¬†&¬†Mrs¬†Real¬†Cabo¬†and¬†a¬†pleasure¬†to¬†shoot¬†such¬†a¬†nice¬†wedding¬†ūüôā BTW,¬†thanks¬†again¬†to¬†Mr¬†&¬†Mrs¬†Smythies¬†for¬†the¬†recommendation, Thanks¬†for¬†reading,¬†RTP¬†x

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Louise & Michael (Wedding Film trailer)

Twas a cold,¬†bright morning in December… Louise & Michael: Wedding Film Trailer from RT Productions on Vimeo. As soon as i¬†walked into Slicks hair salon that morning i knew we were in for a fun day, the bridesmaids could not stop laughing all morning (Farrah pretty much all day)… First time shooting at St Catherines […]

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