Hannah & Lewis: Weddings at The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool


“Wow! Simply amazing! We absolutely love it, the best email to wake up to! Thank you so much”

This just shows how bad weather does not ruin a great wedding!

What made you pick The Titanic Hotel?
It was just so cool and dramatic. It had all of the features that we love – exposed brick, greys, that industrial yet classy feel. It felt like somewhere that we would want to spend a lot of time. The service was slick but you felt comfortable and not uptight. 
How did Lewis propose?, gushy details allowed
I was about to work away for 2 months, so the week before we took some time off. I wanted to propose before I went but by the time the ring arrived I only had one day. I tried to arrange to go somewhere nice, but Hannah just wanted to “stay at home all day”! I eventually got her to Speke Hall and had to hope there would be an opportunity. Luckily it was a nice day, and we found ourselves alone sitting on a bench in the gardens. I had prepared a poem (yes, another poem!) about things that Hannah loves, other than me, and in the last verse I got down on one knee and delivered the big words! After she had calmed down, Hannah was fuming that no-one was around to clap! 
What was your favourite memory of THE BIG DAY?
So difficult to pick highlights! Walking down the aisle – both ways! The fireworks. Chatting to people in between courses of the wedding breakfast. The speeches. The band. The midnight pizza! At the end of the night once everyone had gone, we sat for ages outside on the colonnade with family, and it was just so nice reflecting on the past 24 hours! 
What advice would you give to any couple planning their wedding?
– If you want the groom to help, give clear and precise instructions, and one job at a time! – Set out a clear vision of what you want, and not what anyone else wants. – Don’t discuss the plans with too many people as everyone has an opinion but it is your wedding! Also it keeps it a surprise for your guests. – Social media groups often have things for sale for a good price that you can then resell again. – Have days off from wedding planning! 

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, thanks for inviting us to your wedding x

Marco & Jade: Lancashire Wedding Video

Lancashire Wedding Videography

An awesome day spent with an awesome couple 🙂

Youtube Version

A very early start for myself & Celynnen Photography at the wonderful West Tower wedding venue in Ormskirk to cover the Bridal preps before a packed day of fun & madness with all their friends and family.

Throwing the Bouquet seems to be a dying tradition at weddings lately so i was happy to see Jade and her girls bring it back in style, watching Marco removing and then throwing the garter was hilarious 🙂

‘The Grand Entrance’ as they smashed through a giant love heart was one of my favorite highlights of the day which also included the Limbo Dancing and the golden moment when everyone ran outside to watch the sun set after a perfect day.

The Facebook version will be available here very soon.

Instagram version below:

Congratulations Mr & Mrs De Boni x

Doves by Destiny Dove Release

Cake by Scrumptious Cakes

Victoria & Michael: Wedding Film Teaser

I love it when the guys put a little more effort into the speeches, Steven (father of the bride) had prepared a poem, karaoke session and dance routine to the Red Dwarf theme….

The Ceremony & reception all took place at Mytton Fold on new years eve which obviously added to the excitement of the day for all the guests.

Sequence 01.Still002

Uncle Andy (Vicki’s Uncle, not mine) did a fine job of photographing the day…i wish i had put a swear box in front of Adam (the best man) for his speech, could have made a few quid on that one…a big thank you to the bridesmaids for pointing me in the right direction when it came to the interviews…also Mr & Mrs Slater for suggesting me after filming their big day.

Sequence 01.Still005
I could not resist showing a little of the ‘Father of the Brides’ karaoke session which had Vicki turning a little red 🙂

Great wedding to finish off a fantastic year of filming fo me, 2013 is looking a lot busier already, bring on the grey hair and blood-shot eyes 🙂