Hannah & Stuart: Weddings at Howsham Hall

Howsham Hall - Wedding - Video

Howsham Hall Wedding Video

When myself and David Scholes Photography walked into the ENORMOUS Bridal suite at Howsham Hall, we knew we would be capturing a day of fun and beauty!
The whole day was just a joy to film. All the girls in the morning were so chilled, and the boys enjoyed a rather dodgy game of Snooker in the games room just before the ceremony.
Amongst the many highlights for us, (apologies to Hannah for bringing this up) the Smoke Bombs…make sure you test the smoke bombs before setting them off, and that’s all i am going to say about that!

What a wonderful day to be invited to, thank you for making us feel so welcome, lots of love, Ro & Lisa X

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Stacey & Chris // Weddings at Bartle Hall

Bartle Hall - wedding - video

Bartle Hall Wedding Video

Bartle Hall Wedding Video

A beautiful day at Bartle Hall (it’s been quite a few years since our last visit), a very nervous Groom who forgot to pick up his speech (it can happen to us all) and a very excited Bride who was ready for a wonderful day in the sun with all her favorite people!
Joining us on the day, we had Kevin Brown Photography, Jason from Flower Designs, Creative Cover, DFC and a surprise for our guests, Singers 4 Supper.
Thank you for inviting us to your wedding, we both enjoyed spending time with you. Your wedding film will be with you very soon, lots of love, Ro & Lisa X

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Rachel & Nathan // Weddings at Gibbon Bridge

Ribble Valley - Weddings - Gibbon Bridge - Wedding - Video

Ribble Valley Weddings

Ribble Valley Weddings

Where do we start with our first encounter with Rachel & Nathan…
Well, first of all we filmed her sisters (Debs) wedding at Eaves Hall were Rachel not only gave a speech (priceless story to go with that) but, also caught the Bouquet in one hand. Following this, we filmed her Chief Bridesmaids (Ellie & Graham) wedding at Bartle Hall, and once again she gave a speech and caught the Bouquet. Next, was her bridesmaid (Stef & Iain) who we filmed at Holmes Mill, Nathan managed to break his leg the day before which meant he turned up with an interesting look for that one.
And finally, we get to the 20th of May 2023, the day of Rachel & Nathans wedding at Gibbon Bridge Hotel, and WHAT A DAY!
It’s great to see so many familiar faces on a wedding day, and from the moment we started filming, we knew it was going to be a fun packed day of singing and dancing in the sun. Joining us to capture the day, Anthony Ives Photo, entertainment by one of our favorite singers Paul Guard who gave us so much action to film, and DJ Nathan Connelly.
The brand new Mr& Mrs Lloyd hosted a wedding which we just loved, everyone on top form, the weather was amazing, they looked stunning and we cannot wait to see you all again for Amy & Mikes wedding later this year. Congratulations, thank you for having us, your wedding film will be with you very soon.
Roland & Lisa x Woop!

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Michelle & Rob: Weddings at Wyresdale Park

Wyresdale Park - Wedding - video

Wyresdale Park Wedding

Wyresdale Park Wedding

Oh what a beautiful day we had with Michelle & Robert at Wyresdale Park!
The moment we arrived, the sun was beaming across this amazing venue. Rob and Michelle’s brother were enjoying a morning walk with their dogs (who played quite a big role in the day). Michelle was as calm as a cucumber could be whilst ourselves and the Scott & Lees boys captured all the fine details and atmosphere before the ceremony.

We had so much fun with Mr & Mrs Farrell throughout the day, geeking out over our love of CamperVan Life, and having far too much of a laugh whilst filming a few scenes in the evening, check out this Behind the Scenes video.
An amazing day in the sun with a wonderful couple. We hope you are enjoying your honeymoon van trek around Europe, your wedding film will be ready for your return to Blighty, thank you for having us, lots of love, Ro & Lisa X

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Weddings at Eden Barn

eden barn wedding video

Eden Barn Wedding Video – Bethany & Adam

Bethany and Adam at Eden Wedding Barn

We received our wedding film in post, thanks so much for the nice touch with the chocolates! On Valentine’s Day, we planned to watch it and it didn’t disappoint!! We cried and laughed the whole way through. We are so grateful and really appreciate you including the drone footage! Thanks for capturing our day and for giving us a way to relive the memory for life. Take care and hopefully we meet again in the North sometime

Bethany & Adams wedding closed 2022 for us and what a wonderful day to finish off our year.
This was our first trip to Eden Barn, and as soon as we arrived, Cliff and his team were so welcoming and gave us a quick tour of the grounds.
Beth & her Bridesmaids (and Bridesman) were all ready for a glorious day of singing, dancing, laughter and delicious Cumbrian Food. Speaking of Bridesmen, We have to thank Jack for recommending us once again. Every wedding needs a Jack. At your wedding, he will sing and play piano, he will design your stationary, and also provides RTP Films with its greatest Instagram fan, his mum!
Beth & Adam had such an amazing day, our Bride & Groom could not stop smiling (and kissing) all day long. We had a great day with them both along with Louise Anna Photography.
Thank you for inviting us to your big celebration, your wedding film will be with you very soon!
Ro & Lisa X

Eden Barn Wedding Video