Hannah & Lewis: Weddings at The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool


“Wow! Simply amazing! We absolutely love it, the best email to wake up to! Thank you so much”

This just shows how bad weather does not ruin a great wedding!

What made you pick The Titanic Hotel?
It was just so cool and dramatic. It had all of the features that we love – exposed brick, greys, that industrial yet classy feel. It felt like somewhere that we would want to spend a lot of time. The service was slick but you felt comfortable and not uptight. 
How did Lewis propose?, gushy details allowed
I was about to work away for 2 months, so the week before we took some time off. I wanted to propose before I went but by the time the ring arrived I only had one day. I tried to arrange to go somewhere nice, but Hannah just wanted to “stay at home all day”! I eventually got her to Speke Hall and had to hope there would be an opportunity. Luckily it was a nice day, and we found ourselves alone sitting on a bench in the gardens. I had prepared a poem (yes, another poem!) about things that Hannah loves, other than me, and in the last verse I got down on one knee and delivered the big words! After she had calmed down, Hannah was fuming that no-one was around to clap! 
What was your favourite memory of THE BIG DAY?
So difficult to pick highlights! Walking down the aisle – both ways! The fireworks. Chatting to people in between courses of the wedding breakfast. The speeches. The band. The midnight pizza! At the end of the night once everyone had gone, we sat for ages outside on the colonnade with family, and it was just so nice reflecting on the past 24 hours! 
What advice would you give to any couple planning their wedding?
– If you want the groom to help, give clear and precise instructions, and one job at a time! – Set out a clear vision of what you want, and not what anyone else wants. – Don’t discuss the plans with too many people as everyone has an opinion but it is your wedding! Also it keeps it a surprise for your guests. – Social media groups often have things for sale for a good price that you can then resell again. – Have days off from wedding planning! 

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, thanks for inviting us to your wedding x

Kate & Rick: Weddings at Mitton Hall


What a blast with a lovely couple!!!!

Why did you choose Mitton Hall for your Wedding?
Mitton Hall was actually the first venue we visited having never been there before. We knew it was pretty special when every venue we went to after our visit we just kept comparing back to Mitton Hall. It ticked every box for us. A light and airy neutral orangery wedding room, accommodation, (reasonable priced drinks) and an AMAZING outdoor space. Staff and food were just first class…it really was the perfect place for our perfect day.

What advice would you give to any couple who are planning their Big Day?
Whilst money and spending can go crazy and you so badly try to stick to your “wedding budget”…also remember that this is your special day and you will (hopefully) only be doing it once in your life. So whilst it’s good to watch the pennies, don’t take it to the extreme where you will look back with regret and think, “I wish we’d got this” and “I wish we’d booked that”. Plus don’t rush into anything, suppliers etc….you’ll know when it’s right! And our last piece of advice…things that seem so big to you last minute that you think to yourself you MUST get done…please don’t worry. It’s those things that on the day you won’t even think twice about. Just enjoy every minute and that includes the few days build up before.

I know it’s tough but what were your favorite parts of the day?
We definitely LOVED arriving at the venue. We had music blasting out of our wedding car whilst we serenaded everyone with our ahem perfect singing. Seeing all our guests waiting for us as we pulled up was so lovely.
Walking in to the wedding breakfast was also a real highlight for us…having a little boogie as we made our entrance and seeing so many smiling happy faces was amazing.
The church service was so so special for us, it felt like everything had built up to this unforgettable moment.
And generally just seeing all our ideas come together so perfectly (thanks to the help of the fantastic teams/suppliers around us)…an absolute treat!

Why pick RTP to film your wedding?

Why?….that is a good question. Still not sure why we did 😉 haha no but seriously. Roland was actually suggested to us by our photographers. And from our first meeting with the man himself we knew we’d got ourselves a winner. What an absolute legend!! Like a piece of the furniture some may say (in a good way), it never felt uncomfortable with the cameras around and it was so easy to just be yourself with Roland. We can’t speak highly enough of you and would recommend RTP in a heartbeat to anyone. Thanks for being you and doing what you do…legend 🖕🏼 (


Elly & Graham: Weddings at Bartle Hall


“Omg we can’t tell you how much we love it, not that we were ever in any doubt we would. Thanks so much for capturing our day so perfectly… we know you were rushed off your feet flying solo! It was so lovely having you as part of our day, we feel like you’re part of the crew now and we hope we see you at every wedding in our group”

Elly G (The Bride)

Why did you choose Bartle Hall for your wedding?

We loved Bartle Hall from the first time we went to view it. We loved the two rooms and the idea that we could have our ceremony and wedding breakfast / evening reception in different parts of the hotel. We loved the Balmoral for the evening as everything is all in one place so everybody can be together.

How did Graham propose? (gushy details allowed)

Aw, he proposed on my birthday in Iceland (the country, not the shop 😂) just as it had turned midnight… we were absolutely freezing cold after being stood outside for 3 hours waiting for the northern lights to appear but not even a twinkle! Haha.

If you had to pick a favourite moment, what would it be?

It’s so hard to choose a favourite moment, I loved the ceremony and the speeches!

Why did you pick RTP to film your special day?

I knew we were having you before we were even engaged, I saw a friends video (Nikki and Darren Parkinson) and from that moment I said if I ever got married, I had to have you and you were the first thing we booked after the venue!


Congratulations Elly & GG, thanks for inviting us x

Kate & Iain: Destination Wedding in Portugal


Cramming 5 days of wedding celebrations into  2 minutes, let’s do this!

“Wow wow wow!!! Absolutely love it!!!”

(Kate – The Bride)

Why did you choose Portugal for your wedding?

Kate – We love Portugal, it’s a beautiful place, we always wanted a beach wedding and when we visited Evaristo we knew it was perfect for us! The food is amazing and we wanted to get everyone together to spend some quality time together rather than a one day rush!

Iain – Same as Kate really, beautiful place, the people are really welcoming and food is amazing. Also for what you get compared to the UK it’s a lot better value for money oh and of course the weather

What were your favourite parts of the whole wedding vacation?
Kate- my favourite part of the wedding (there are so many to choose from) was the wedding day itself. Getting ready with my favourite ladies all together, wearing the most beautiful dress and walking down the steps at Evaristo seeing Iain waiting for me (nothing new there). My hen do has also got to be a close second. It was a perfect traditional venue with a Portuguese live band, tapas and drinks flowing all night (followed by a boogie down on Albuferia strip). We also got an Irish lad to sing and play the guitar for us so we could dance to some English songs. All the girls made such a huge effort with the spa, games and memories with my best pals. They all made such an effort and made me feel so special!

Iain – Hard to choose just 2 really, the first has to be wedding day, what a day. It was such a whirlwind in regards to the amount of jobs Kate gave me our Kris to do on the day but like a true champion my best men helped me deliver by 2pm then I got chance to relax. I think what I loved most about the day most was where ever I looked people where having the best time, the food was amazing the music equally as good.
The second is the BBQ the day after, as everyone knows I love a good after party, after an amazing event, I also think it was again a great time for everyone to hang out that once more make some extra friendships, talk about the wedding and week we had together.

What experience did you want to give your guests?
Kate -We wanted to get all of our best mates and families together for a holiday to spend quality time together. We wanted to bring people together and give them an experience they would always remember. People don’t often make such an effort to holiday with friends so we wanted to make the most of an opportunity to have all our nearest and dearest together.

Iain – Same as Kate really we both had the same goal with this was to get as many of our nearest and dearest for presents and anything else all we wanted was time with our family and friends

What made you want to have your wedding filmed?
Kate – We wanted to capture the memories on film so we could get ‘the feeling’ when we watched it back. Photos just don’t capture the experience like a video does. Plus it allows us to share the experience again with those who mean so much to us!

Iain – Well I’ve known Roland for 17 years now, apart from him having an amazing talent and captures the essence of a wedding. Also the magic film make it a lot better than photos, films are timeless and being a film addict I wanted that.

Chrissie & Ben: Weddings at Heaton House Farm


“Absolute masterpiece mate! Loved it so much and can’t wait to share” – Ben Langstreth (Groomy)

Why did you choose Heaton House Farm as your wedding venue?

The moment we walked into Heaton House we fell in love. The set up, the aspect, the whole family feel gave it a pull over anything we had seen… and we saw a fair few. The views speak for themselves, incredible and the added bonus of having our nearest and dearest able to stay on site to debrief over a classic English breakfast the next morning. We knew from deal with the Heaton House Farm team they would be a well oiled machine… and they delivered.

Why did you pick us to create your wedding film?
From one short conversation at a Heaton House Farm event where you discussed your own proposal we loved your character and enthusiasm. We knew instantly you would bring this to the video and be able to bring our special day back to life in the best manner. The interviews of course were just a genius bonus!

Tell us about the proposal?
It was a standard Friday (as far as Chrissie was concerned) and as per usual Chrissie was late leaving work. I had planned the day all out, having the ring delivered by Amy and having our new sofas delivered as a surprise. I did not account for Chrissie being one and half hours late Coming  home. Having paced the floor for all this time and not eating anything, she eventually arrived home and kept me waiting even longer while she finished her phone call. She did however notice something odd. I was in my best shirt! And there were the logos Of my parents dancing school where she trained growing up and at the swimming club where we swam together.
She came to the door and the tears instantly began (both of us)
The boodles pink ribbon created a time line of our time together from the menu of our first date, to pictures all up the walls of days out, to the match day ticket of when I asked her dad. This took us to the bedroom where some of her favourite things were placed, then I stopped to one knee and could only get out the words “well will you”. She did say yes and I re enacted since.
The sofa was no longer an important part of the surprise but was a great place to chat about the build up.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A relaxed environment where they could enjoy the venue and each other’s company so we could see smiling faces.

Danielle & Lee: Weddings at Stanley House


Danielle and Lee invited us to capture their lovely Autumn wedding at Stanley House and here is a snapshot of their BIG DAY.

Mr & Mrs Fawcett are BIG dog lovers and this was present all through the day. As you can see in the video, Dexter delivered the rings during the ceremony, paws all over the cake and a lovely tribute to Harley who recently passed away.
We were also joined by Tim Emmerton Photography (one of our faves)
Congratulations Dan & Lee x

Danielle & Lee sent us this shortly after watching their feature film

Lisa and Roland,

Thank you both. We have just had a movie night and relived such a special day! Dexter was excited to see himself in tv and you captured so much of the day I completely forgotten. We have laughed, cried and cringed, so beautiful.

Ps you and Tim Emmerton are a team!

Dan Lee and Dexter