Le Petit Chateau Weddings // Karen & Simon

Le Petit Chateau Weddings - Wedding Video

Le Petit Chateau Weddings

Le Petit Chateau Weddings

We were a little excited about filming the wedding of Karen & Simon as it was our first time at Le Petit Chateau and it definitely did not disappoint, simply stunning!
An early start with Karen and the girls set up a relaxed and fun day on a beautiful Saturday in August. Simon looking very sharp (and a little nervous) before his bride walked down the aisle in THAT FABULOUS DRESS!
What an amazing, chilled out vibe we had during the drinks reception. It really did have the feel of a destination wedding with great music and lovely weather.
Thank you for inviting both me and David Scholes to your BIG DAY, we really did have a blast with you both, lots of love, Roland X

Le Petit Chateau Wedding Video

Hannah & Stuart: Weddings at Howsham Hall

Howsham Hall - Wedding - Video

Howsham Hall Wedding Video

When myself and David Scholes Photography walked into the ENORMOUS Bridal suite at Howsham Hall, we knew we would be capturing a day of fun and beauty!
The whole day was just a joy to film. All the girls in the morning were so chilled, and the boys enjoyed a rather dodgy game of Snooker in the games room just before the ceremony.
Amongst the many highlights for us, (apologies to Hannah for bringing this up) the Smoke Bombs…make sure you test the smoke bombs before setting them off, and that’s all i am going to say about that!

What a wonderful day to be invited to, thank you for making us feel so welcome, lots of love, Ro & Lisa X

Yorkshire Wedding Films

Kirsty & Peter: Weddings at Holmfirth Vineyard.

Wedding - Video - Yorkshire - Holmfirth Vineyard

Holmfirth Vineyard Wedding Video

Holmfirth Vineyard Wedding Video

A beautiful Yorkshire wedding with Hash Browns, Tea & Chips
Kirsty & Peter invited us along to film their ‘BIG DAY’ in Kirsty’s home town in the Yorkshire countryside.
The wedding reception took place at Holmfirth Vineyard.
Thank you, firstly for inviting us to your beautiful day, but also teaching us the value of Hash Browns and Legally Blonde 🙂
Lots of Love, Ro & Lisa X

Yorkshire Wedding Video