Hannah & Richard: Weddings at Gibbon Bridge

“Hi Roland!
So rick and I have just had a lovely evening in with a bottle of mulled wine and take out pizza looking through our wedding photos and also the teaser video… we just LOVED the video and it brought tears to both of our eyes! We watched it a couple of times and can’t wait to see the feature video and extras!
Kind regards,
a very happy Mr and Mrs Barton out here in Australia”

What made you choose Gibbon Bridge for your wedding?

​​​As we both grew up as children Hannah in The New Forest and Richard on the family farm we both have fond memories and love being in the countryside and fresh air. Now that we live in Australia we wanted to have a wedding that incorporated one thing we miss about living back in England, which is the English Countryside. We immediately fell in love with the The Gibbon Bridge Hotel as it offered everything we dreamt our wedding reception venue would have. The Gibbon Bridge Hotel allowed us to have a quaint traditional English country wedding reception after our church wedding. It has beautiful gardens with a backdrop of the rolling countryside along with very friendly staff and has a intimate and relaxed vibe.

How did Richard propose? (gushy details allowed)

Hannah lived in The Netherlands for five years before moving back to England to study nursing in Manchester where she and Richard met on a night out. Hannah and Richard’s first holiday together in 2010 was to visit her parents, allowing Richard to meet them during their university summer holiday, in The Netherlands. After that Hannah hadn’t been back to The Netherlands since because her parents then left the country. Hannah had always wanted to go back to visit The Netherlands as she has very fond memories from her time there and once they knew they were moving to Australia Richard suggested they went for her birthday in the September before they moved in the November. Hannah loved Schreveningen Beach so on her actual birthday they cycled there for the evening. Richard took Hannah to a bar on the beach front that they went to back at the beginning of their relationship (6years ago), which Hannah was surprised he remembered! Richard then asked if she wanted to go for a walk on the beach before getting something to eat. As they were walking along the beach a feather dropped in front of them then blew away and Hannah said ‘oh look it’s Grandma Haggis’ who is Hannah’s Grandma who passed away and Hannah was very close to and misses dearly. The nickname Haggis was because she lived in Scotland! A few steps further Richard then got on one knee and proposed. After the proposal he then said maybe that was your Grandma Haggis giving her blessing as she knew what was about to happen. (Hannah believes that a white feather falling in your path is a symbol that a loved one in heaven is letting you know they love you and are still there with you).

If you had to pick 1 favourite moment, what would it be? (Han & Rick)

Richard: Seeing Hannah walk down the aisle with her Dad.

Hannah: The first dance as husband and wife. I felt like a princess dancing and twirling in Richards arms around the dance floor.

Why choose a videographer to capture your BIG DAY?

We wanted to have everlasting memories of our special day that we can watch over and over again. We also know that there will be footage of different parts throughout the day that we may not have seen or that we have forgotten and wanted be able to relive these moments all over again.

Gemma & Marc: Weddings at Mitton Hall


Wedding Videography in Lancashire.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Whalley, Gemma & Marc tied the knot in style and here is a short film of their wonderful day.

Why did you choose Mitton Hall for your special day?

We chose Mitton Hall because we liked how bright and modern the wedding room was and don’t have to do to much to it but also loved how grand yet cosy the entrance room is.

What made you choose RTP Films to capture your wedding?

I chose RTP for filming our wedding because you were highly recommended loved the teaser you put on facebook and wanted to re live the day.

We know it’s hard but could you pick one favourite moment from the whole day?

Marc’s Favourite bit of the day was Macie’s speech
My favourite bit of the day seeing all the guesses. Head & tail game and the throwing of the bouquet.

What experience did you want to give your guests?

I wanted my guess to have a fun relaxing & memorable day.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Wheeler, it was a pleasure to film your BIG DAY with all your friends and family, Ro & Lisa x

Hayley & Phil: Weddings at Mitton Hall

lancashire-wedding-video-bride-wedding dress

When Hogwarts meets Star Wars…

“We love it!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see the full video now

Thank you so much to you and Lisa, you’ve both done an incredible job at capturing every moment”

Mr & Mrs Grice

Why Mitton Hall for your BIG DAY?

I fell in love with Mitton Hall as soon as we pulled up the driveway at one of their open nights. The sun was starting to go down, the lights had come on and the whole place looked magical. We just looked at each and said ‘WOW’. We both knew that was our venue.

What made you want a videographer for your wedding?

I always knew I wanted a wedding video. I watched my parents wedding video over and over again as a child and I knew what it meant to have that as a keepsake as well as pictures. Phil however, did not want a videographer at first as he didn’t see the point if we were having a photographer as well. That is until I showed him Roland’s many video’s and clips on YouTube, Facebook and his website. He laughed and cried and afterwards said ‘now I see the difference and I definitely think we should have a videographer!’

What were your favourite memories of the wedding?

Hayley- The whole process of finding and picking my wedding dress with my mum by side will stay with me forever. Also, I felt really nervous on the morning of our wedding and the moment the doors opened and I saw phil standing there waiting for me, everything disappeared. I will never forget that feeling of excitement and happiness.

Phil- When the love of my life Eleanor (Shelby Mustang GT500) pulled up outside my parents house to take me to the wedding venue. To say I was surprised is an understatement! Obviously, seeing my wife coming down the aisle was a memory I will hold forever. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and all my nerves disappeared.

What kind of experience did you want to give your guests?

We wanted our wedding day to be relaxed and enjoyable and not too formal. We wanted a warm, christmassy feel during the day and a great party at night to start off the Christmas holidays. It was also important to us to make sure all the children had fun!

Donna & Matt: Weddings at The Shireburne Arms, Lancashire


 “It’s flawless, loved re living the day some of your best material

yet, wouldn’t change anything your sir have done us proud thank you” 


Why did you choose The Shireburne Arms & St Peters Church?

We picked the Shireburn because we loved the laid back vibe of it, the location within the ribble valley with the views & we thought it suited our theme of a rustic winter wonderland perfectly. We also fell in love with Sarah & the staff at the Shireburn who were super helpful & made the whole process really easy. The food is also amazing there too.


St. Peter’s was the closest Catholic Church to the Shireburn & was the most beautiful church we had seen. The drive up to Stonyhurst is so beautiful and Matt had worked their at the beginning of his career too & he had loved it so we thought it would be perfect. We thought the pictures would be lovely too.

What made you want to have a wedding video?

We definitely wanted a wedding video to capture every moment of the day. It goes so fast & there’s so much going on that we didn’t want to miss a second. We also wanted to be able to look back on it & watch the day over & over again.

Do you have a favourite memory form the whole wedding experience?

The whole day was just amazing. Favourite memories are walking into the church & seeing everyone & seeing Matts face. The speeches which were fab. Just having everyone around us there to celebrate with us. We loved every second of it. Seeing the room for me was also a highlight because it was perfect, exactly how I imagined it would look & more. It was the perfect setting for the perfect day.


What kind of day did you want to give your guests?

We wanted guests to feel comfortable, relaxed & chilled. We didn’t want anyone to feel like they were on their best behavior. We just wanted it to be really relaxed & for everyone to have the best time with lots of food, drink & dancing 🕺

Anna & Jimmy: Weddings at Mitton Hall


1 word for this wedding…..Lovely!

“OH WOW Roland! We absolutely love it!!!  A few more happy tears again following that!

Every contact we have with you proves to us that our decision to chose you to be our videographer was absolutely the right choice! You are fantastic at what you do. Thank you so much! We really can’t wait for the final package! 
Thank you so much”
(Jimmy & Anna)

Why did you choose Mitton Hall

We looked at many wedding venues around the area but came back to Mitton Hall due the wonderful setting and decor which assured us that it could be enjoyed by everyone either indoors or outdoors irrespective of the unpredictable weather.  We primarily wanted a cosy autumn/winter feel to the day and Mitton provides that with it’s gorgeous log fires and comfortable atmosphere. 

What made you want to have a wedding video?

Family and friends advised us to take 10 minutes out of the day every now and again to take it all in as the “day goes so fast.”.  Whilst we tried to ensure we did this, the day did still seem to go extremely fast for us.  Knowing that we had a wedding video to capture the many magical moments that we undoubtedly missed put us both at ease.

What were your favourite memories of THE BIG DAY?

Walking down the aisle, seeing my gorgeous husband to be.  Looking round and seeing my stunning bride approaching down the aisle.  Seeing everyone that we love and care about together in the same room enjoying themselves.

Getting my speech over and done with (haha).

What experience did you want your guests to have?

A relaxed, warm, fun and friendly day where the guests could enjoy each others company and have a great time helping us celebrate our amazing day.

Absolutely incredible work! Every magical moment captured and presented in the most amazing way possible. We will be recommending you to anyone and everyone. You’re brilliant and such lovely people to be around. It was a pleasure having you there on our big day! Thank you Roland and Lisa! We will cherish our video forever and have already watched it numerous times! (Cried happy tears every time!) I just can’t put in to words how brilliant a job you have both done. Thank you. Anna and Jimmy. Xxx

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mcmahon, thanks for having us x

Emily & Joe: Weddings at Bartle Hall


Why did you choose Bartle Hall for your BIG DAY?

We chose Bartle Hall because it’s a beautiful setting and my parents got married here and it was a brilliant day. They did not disappoint, was a fantastic day and the staff couldn’t be better.

What made you want to have your wedding filmed?

We chose to have a wedding video because we thought it was an important thing to be able to watch the day back, sometimes there are things that photographs just can’t catch.

What was your favourite memory from the whole day?

My favourite memory would be walking down the aisle with both my dads to and Joe’s favourite memory would be when we walked into the wedding breakfast as Mr and Mrs Miller.

What experience did you want for your guests?

We wanted our guests to have the best day and enjoy themselves, which I believe they all did, it was the best day of our lives. 🙂