Anna & Jimmy: Weddings at Mitton Hall


1 word for this wedding…..Lovely!

“OH WOW Roland! We absolutely love it!!!  A few more happy tears again following that!

Every contact we have with you proves to us that our decision to chose you to be our videographer was absolutely the right choice! You are fantastic at what you do. Thank you so much! We really can’t wait for the final package! 
Thank you so much”
(Jimmy & Anna)

Why did you choose Mitton Hall

We looked at many wedding venues around the area but came back to Mitton Hall due the wonderful setting and decor which assured us that it could be enjoyed by everyone either indoors or outdoors irrespective of the unpredictable weather.  We primarily wanted a cosy autumn/winter feel to the day and Mitton provides that with it’s gorgeous log fires and comfortable atmosphere. 

What made you want to have a wedding video?

Family and friends advised us to take 10 minutes out of the day every now and again to take it all in as the “day goes so fast.”.  Whilst we tried to ensure we did this, the day did still seem to go extremely fast for us.  Knowing that we had a wedding video to capture the many magical moments that we undoubtedly missed put us both at ease.

What were your favourite memories of THE BIG DAY?

Walking down the aisle, seeing my gorgeous husband to be.  Looking round and seeing my stunning bride approaching down the aisle.  Seeing everyone that we love and care about together in the same room enjoying themselves.

Getting my speech over and done with (haha).

What experience did you want your guests to have?

A relaxed, warm, fun and friendly day where the guests could enjoy each others company and have a great time helping us celebrate our amazing day.

Absolutely incredible work! Every magical moment captured and presented in the most amazing way possible. We will be recommending you to anyone and everyone. You’re brilliant and such lovely people to be around. It was a pleasure having you there on our big day! Thank you Roland and Lisa! We will cherish our video forever and have already watched it numerous times! (Cried happy tears every time!) I just can’t put in to words how brilliant a job you have both done. Thank you. Anna and Jimmy. Xxx

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mcmahon, thanks for having us x

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