Barbz & Biscuit (Hayley & Pete): Weddings at The Belle Epoque, Knutsford


Oh we did enjoy the wedding of Barbz & Biscuit (the video should slightly explain the names), we had such a great day with ‘The Nelsons’ and their family 🙂

The ceremony and reception all took place at The Belle Epoque in the centre of Knutsford, a great boutique wedding venue which myself and Lisa were so looking forward to filming at as it was a new venue for us (apart from the odd social doo that is) and it did not disappoint.
The Bride arrived in her Grooms lovingly restored Ford Escort on busy and bright Saturday in July while Pete (Ginger Monkey Biscuit) and the guests were seated upstairs waiting for the star of the show.

After a lovely ceremony we took the newlyweds out with their photographers Pixies in the Cellar for a relaxed walk around town, it’s so nice to see a Bride & Groom mixing in with the public on their wedding, lots of clapping and cheering from cars and pedestrians always adds to the fun.

Congratulations Hayley & Peter, thank you for making us feel so welcome x


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