Chrissie & Ben: Weddings at Heaton House Farm


“Absolute masterpiece mate! Loved it so much and can’t wait to share” – Ben Langstreth (Groomy)

Why did you choose Heaton House Farm as your wedding venue?

The moment we walked into Heaton House we fell in love. The set up, the aspect, the whole family feel gave it a pull over anything we had seen… and we saw a fair few. The views speak for themselves, incredible and the added bonus of having our nearest and dearest able to stay on site to debrief over a classic English breakfast the next morning. We knew from deal with the Heaton House Farm team they would be a well oiled machine… and they delivered.

Why did you pick us to create your wedding film?
From one short conversation at a Heaton House Farm event where you discussed your own proposal we loved your character and enthusiasm. We knew instantly you would bring this to the video and be able to bring our special day back to life in the best manner. The interviews of course were just a genius bonus!

Tell us about the proposal?
It was a standard Friday (as far as Chrissie was concerned) and as per usual Chrissie was late leaving work. I had planned the day all out, having the ring delivered by Amy and having our new sofas delivered as a surprise. I did not account for Chrissie being one and half hours late Coming  home. Having paced the floor for all this time and not eating anything, she eventually arrived home and kept me waiting even longer while she finished her phone call. She did however notice something odd. I was in my best shirt! And there were the logos Of my parents dancing school where she trained growing up and at the swimming club where we swam together.
She came to the door and the tears instantly began (both of us)
The boodles pink ribbon created a time line of our time together from the menu of our first date, to pictures all up the walls of days out, to the match day ticket of when I asked her dad. This took us to the bedroom where some of her favourite things were placed, then I stopped to one knee and could only get out the words “well will you”. She did say yes and I re enacted since.
The sofa was no longer an important part of the surprise but was a great place to chat about the build up.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A relaxed environment where they could enjoy the venue and each other’s company so we could see smiling faces.

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