Mags & Floyd: Weddings at Broughton Hall

Mr & Mrs Draper enjoyed an exceptional day in the sun at Broughton Hall in July and here is the proof!

Mags & Floyd first contacted us after seeing one of our earlier films shot at this venue which helped her decide this was the perfect place for her and lucky for us she wanted the same video crew 🙂

2-3 months leading up the wedding we joked that because it was on my birthday the celebration was really for me and not their marriage, Mags being the cheeky bride she is actually challenged me during her speech and i received a birthday cake and son-a-long from Paul Guard and their guests and i also had to deliver a speech, i think i just got away with it!

An early start in the West Yorkshire countryside for Lisa & Myself, we both jumped in between Bride & Groom preparations before a short drive to the church and then all back for a big party in the glorious sunshine. The Draper’s put together a great team for their wedding including Jason Rea Magic, Victor Trusch, Fusion Flower & Yorkshire Bar Company, such a great day with a lovely couple who we had lots of fun with.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs D x

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